Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Including visual and dimensional inspection of landing gear and landing gear components and accessories, and field inspection for landing gears on an aircraft on ground (AOG) basis to assist customers around the world. This entails careful visual observation, measurement, and testing to ensure that the landing gear is in proper working condition, free from any damage, wear, or defects that could compromise the safety and performance of the aircraft during landing and takeoff.

A group of testing techniques used to evaluate the properties, integry, and quality of materials, components, or structures qithout causing any damage to the test subject. This includes:

Liquid penetrant testing
Magnetic particle testing
Ultrasonic testing
Eddy current testing
Visual inspection
Barkhausen noise inspection

Alternative repair methods to extend the lifespan of landing gear and its components, utilizing approved technical specifications and data. This entails creating new tools designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overhoul, repair, and inspection processes for landing gear components and accesories in order to increase operational longevety,