Our talented aircraft technicians and engineering staff perform major maintenance services and airframe repair, modifications, inspections, upgrades, refurbishments, and painting services on a range of aircraft platforms, including Boeing 737 y 767.

Heavy Maintenance

All level checks
Airframe upgrades
Structural inspections
On-wing flight control inspections
On-wing component inspections
System inspections
Aging aircraft inspections

Operational/system checks
Aircraft upgrade (STC, AD, SB incorporation)
Non-destructive testing (NDT)
Corrosion prevention and control
Component replacement
Aircraft washing
Structural and composite repairs


Winglet installations
Fuel and auxiliary tank modifications
Structural reinforcements
Cabin interior modifications
Special mission, avionics, and other modificatios as capabilities allow


Performance ugrades
Avionics upgrades
Structural enhancements
Fuel efficiency improvements
Weight reduction
Emergency system upgrades
Cabin interior upgrades
Upgrades to comply with new regulations

Wash Services

As directed by each customer maintenance program, we offer basic aircraft wash services.